How To Schedule N95 Respiratory Fit Testing Train-the-Trainer Training Sessions

The Virginia Department of Health and Virginia National Guard are providing Respiratory Fit Testing Train-the-Trainer courses. The course purpose is to ensure organizations that have staff that wear N95 respirators have qualified staff to provide respirator fit testing. In addition, the attendee can train others in the proper procedures for fit testing. This training is for qualitative testing using a hood and not quantitative testing.

N95 Fit Test Training

Sessions Can Be Requested by Using the Following Procedure:

Step 1: Determine what region you are in using the region checker

Step 2. Use the following chart to determine available testing dates testing in your region:

Date –week of: Team 1 Team 2
September 14 Region 1 Region 2
September 21 Region 3 Region 4
September 28 Region 5 Region 6
October 5 Region 7 Region 1
October 12 (12 Columbus Day) Region 2 Region 3
October 19 Region 4 Region 5
October 26 Region 6 Region 7
November  2 Region 1 Region 2
November 9 (Veterans Day 11) Region 3 Region 4
November 16 Region 5 Region 6
November 23 (Tgvng 25-26-27) Region 7 Region 1
November 30 Region 2 Region 3
December 7 Region 4 Region 5

Step 3: Requests training sessions using this Google form:

Other Important Notes


  • Reserve a training room that
    • is accessible
    • can accommodate 20-30 people with social distancing
    • has a blank wall or screen
    • has parking for participants
  • Morning (9:00-11:30 am) or afternoon (1:30 - 4:00 pm) training sessions are offered.
  • More than one session can be requested by an organization.
    • Suggestion --  reserve a room for a full day and schedule a morning session.  If the morning session fills, an afternoon session can be added.
  • Training sessions capacity is limited to 6 (minimum) - 30 (maximum) participants.
    • Exact numbers are based on room size and social distancing requirements.
  • VDH will
    • schedule the session(s) with the trainers
    • publish session(s) on the VDH OEP N95 training webpage
    • set up the registration for the session(s)
  • Once scheduled, the requester will receive a confirmation.
  • A template email message and flyer can be used to promote the training can be found below:

hand holding magnifying glassLooking for a training session to attend? 

Go to the VDH OEP N95 Training Webpage