The Public Health Preparedness Summit and Virginia Epidemiology Seminar provide a venue where participants are exposed to current information, research findings, practical tools and lessons learned from the COVID 19 response efforts to strengthen public health preparedness in Virginia.

The Virginia Epidemiology Seminar hosts a variety of speakers covering recent outbreak investigations and other topics of interest to the communicable disease practitioners in health departments, hospitals, and health care community.

Resilience is critical when dealing with the threats. Public health professionals can improve in their tactics and strategies while implementing best practices and lessons learned from recent threats and emergencies.



Identify unique planning considerations
for public health preparedness at the local, regional and state levels.


Describe practices and theories
that can be applied to improve personal resilience


Assess key resources and tools
that will assist in planning for, responding to, and recovering from disasters and other public health emergencies


Identify opportunities to engage with stakeholders
on issues that will impact state, regional and local preparedness.