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Virginia Department of Health
Office of Epidemiology
Division Environmental Epidemiology
109 Governor Street, P.O. Box 2448
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: (804) 864-8182
Fax: (804) 864-8131


Rebecca LePrell, MPH - Environmental Epidemiology Division Director
Expertise in epidemiological methods, environmental exposures, and outbreak investigations.

Carolyn Peterson - Office Services Specialist

James Broyhill - Environmental Health Specialist
Expertise in vector-borne disease surveillance.

Matthew Skiljo - Waterborne Pathogens Control Program Coordinator
Expertise in waterborne pathogens and hazards.

Dwight Flammia, PhD - State Public Health Toxicologist
Expertise in the field of Toxicology.

David Gaines, PhD - State Public Health Entomologist
Expertise in the areas of arthropod-borne disease, vector ecology/biology and control, insecticide usage, nuisance or biting and stinging arthropod pests.

Karen Gruszynski, DVM, MPH, PhD
- Veterinary Epidemiologist
Expertise in zoonotic diseases, epidemiological methods, geographical information systems (GIS), agroterrorism and food defense.

Julia Murphy, DVM, MS, DACVPM - State Public Health Veterinarian
Expertise in areas of zoonotic disease (infections shared by man and animals) education, prevention and control.

Waqas Humayon, MPH - Statistical Analyst
Expertise in data management, data analysis (SPSS, R), website design, geographical information systems (ArcGIS), epidemiological methods, and disaster preparedness.

Ayat Abdelbaki, MPH - Health Educator
Expertise in educating communities concerned with exposure to toxic substances.

Egbe Egiebor, MS, PhD - Public Health Assessor
Expertise in toxicological effects of chemicals on humans and the environment, epidemiological methods, and environmental health assessments.

Last Updated: 02-03-2014

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