Equity at a Glance

Equity at a Glance Dashboard

information boothOur Mission and Commitment to Health Equity:  All Virginians deserve equitable access to resources and information to help them achieve their health and quality of life goals. The Commonwealth of Virginia is committed to operationalizing equity in Virginia through policy changes, effective partnerships, and responsive provision of needed resources.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has declared racism a public health crisis per House Joint Resolution 537. The social, economic, education, and health-related initiatives offered by  the Commonwealth of Virginia must be built on a foundation of equity. In order to operationalize and sustain diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the Commonwealth passed Virginia Code Section 2.2-435.12, which requires Virginia’s Chief Diversity Officer to conduct an equity assessment.

speaker with governorIn response to the legislation, House Joint Resolution 537 and Virginia Code 2.2-435.12, the Commonwealth has developed two dashboards: Equity-in-Action and Equity-at-a-Glance.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is a national leader in publicly publishing these resources to demonstrate the Commonwealth’s commitment to lasting, solution-oriented equity.

tent display boothThese dashboards celebrate Virginia’s leadership in equity and serve as a call to action for leaders to continue to close equity gaps to improve Virginians’ access to resources. The Equity-in-Action dashboard is a snapshot of the progress Virginia has made across our COVID-19 response and recovery programs and other initiatives that advance the equitable distribution of resources and services (accessible via the menu).  The Equity-at-a-Glance dashboard is a transparent assessment of social determinants of health and other factors contributing to health equity. Future versions of these dashboards will include an expanded set of topic areas, such as workforce diversity and criminal justice metrics.

One Virginia logo Our Mission and Commitment to Sustainable Equity: The Commonwealth of Virginia is the first to create a state-wide DEI strategy. House Bill 1993 codified the ONE Virginia Plan which outlines steps that increase DEI across 100 state agencies in the Commonwealth and public institutions of higher education. Click on the ONE Virginia Plan link in the menu to view more information about the ONE Virginia Plan and an inventory of participating agencies that have submitted DEI plans.

Usability and Accessibility: Use the navigation menu on the left side panel to access the dashboard and information for each topic area at the Virginia or locality level. The dashboards include text captions for charts and tables that are accessible to screen readers. For each chart or table, you can also access the underlying data by clicking on the link(s) in the Data and Documentation section. For more information on measure definitions, data sources, and data notes, see the collapsible sections below each dashboard.