Are you eligible for Every Woman’s Life?

To be eligible, you must meet ALL of the following:

  • 18 to 64 years old
  • Resident of Virginia
  • Have no health insurance
  • Meet income requirements

2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Number in Family 250% Federal Poverty Level
  Gross Yearly Salary Gross Monthly Income* Approximate Hourly Income**
1 $31,900 $2,658 $15.34
2 $43,100 $3,592 $20.72
3 $54,300 $4,525 $26.11
4 $65,500 $5,458 $31.49
5 $76,700 $6,392 $36.88
6 $87,900 $7,325 $42.26
7 $99,100 $8,258 $47.64
8 $110,300 $9,192 $53.03
9 $121,500 $10,125 $58.41
10 $132,700 $11,058 $63.80
11 $143,900 $11,992 $69.18
12 $155,100 $12,925 $74.57
13 $166,300 $13,858 $79.95
14 $177,500 $14,792 $85.34
15 $188,700 $15,725 $90.72
For each additional person, add: $11,200 $933 $5.38

* Yearly income divided by 12 Months
**Assumes a full-time job for a full year (2080 hours)


What services does Every Woman’s Life provide?

EWL Services Provided


Clinical Breast Exam


Pap Test
(every other year)

Pelvic Exam

 Tests For Abnormal Findings













*Those 18-39 who are determined to be high risk for breast and/or cervical cancer may be eligible for these services to be covered by Every Woman’s Life.

If I’m eligible for services how can I get an appointment?

Call 1-866-EWL-4YOU or 1-866-395-4968 to be referred to the screening site nearest you.  

*Please note, during the current health situation, many providers are suspending routine screening services. If you are experiencing any concerning signs or symptoms at this time please reach out to the EWL provider you were previously connected to or the EWL number listed above for guidance. Screening appointments will resume as soon as providers are adequately able to meet the demand.

How long will it take to get my appointment?

The time you may wait before getting your appointment will depend on the demand for services at a certain screening location. Wait times will vary, but our goal is to serve you as soon as possible.

What if I’m not eligible for Every Woman’s Life services, but still need help finding and paying for services?

Call 1-866-EWL-4YOU or 1-866-395-4968, and we will share with you a list of resources in your community.

What if I am diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer by an Every Woman’s Life provider?

If you do have breast or cervical cancer, you may be eligible to have your treatment paid for by Medicaid. When you are done with your treatment, your Medicaid coverage will end.