Healthy Child Care

The goal of the Healthy Child Care Virginia program is to promote the healthy development of all children in child care, including those with special health needs, to increase access to preventive health services, and to create safe physical environments for children.

Program Objectives

  • Promoting a safe and healthy child care environment for all children, including those with special health needs
  • Reducing the spread of communicable diseases
  • Reducing medically unintended injuries
  • Increasing up-to-date immunizations
  • Increasing nutritional status
  • Improving knowledge among families and providers about the inclusion of special health needs children in child day care. This includes children with asthma, speech and other developmental disabilities, neurobehavioral needs (ADHD, ADD, etc.), nutrition and physical activity and other diagnosed conditions (i.e., diabetes)
  • Optimizing mental health for children
  • Increasing oral hygiene practices
  • Increasing the number of children with health insurance coverage