I need the internship for a course. I will get academic credit.


Placements are open to college students who need internship credit toward an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Step 1

If you are seeking a Dietetic Internship please consult the WIC program Internship webpage first.

Please contact the health district near you or the central office department where you would like to complete your internship at least 3 months before you need to begin your internship:

If you are interested in working in Richmond Central Office and aren’t sure which program interest you, please view our list of programs and become more familiar with our work.

Step 2

When you contact the location, please be sure to let them know:

  • Your name, level (undergraduate, graduate), program (degree you are seeking) and school
  • When you would like to begin your internship
  • Your academic program requirements (number of hours, special projects)
  • Any special interests that align with the program/department goals and initiatives

Step 3

If the health department or office is able to accommodate you, view this list to see if we have an MOA with your school/program. If your school is on the list, continue to coordinate the details of your internship with the health department or office.

Step 4

If your school is not on the list, please complete this form to start the process. Remember that you should secure a tentative placement prior to requesting an MOA and allow us at least 2 months to complete the MOA.

The Virginia Department of Health requires a completed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with all schools and/or programs before students can begin their internship with our agency. This process can sometimes take several months. Please keep this in mind.


VDH cannot place interns from any state colleges or universities in Georgia.

On the recommendation of the Virginia Office of the Attorney General colleges and universities are required to provide general and professional liability insurance coverage for their students placed for internship in any VDH worksite. The Georgia state code prohibits state institutions of higher learning from providing this coverage; therefore, their students are ineligible for VDH internship placements.