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If you are interested in providing COVID-19 vaccine to your patients or staff, the first step is to complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Intent Form.

Provider Intent Form
Provider Intent Form Instructions
Provider Intent Form FAQs

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Tell Me More About Vaccines-The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released a video to help answer commonly asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. The video shares why vaccines are so important and provides the background and clarity – via expert commentary and graphic illustration – to help viewers understand the science of vaccine development.

VA COVID ImagePlanning/Exercises

The following attachments describe the design and content of the VA. State Vaccination Campaign Plan Seminar and Tabletop Exercise. Emphasis is required to illustrate that this was a State-Level Series to Roll-Out the State Vaccination Campaign Plan and to exercise the State’s ability to operationalize and implement. VDH has designed guidance and a plan template for use at the Local Health District (LHD) Level. Additionally, a TABLETOP-IN-A-BOX Exercise is forthcoming, also for use at the LHD level. Our VDEM partners have asked that we include the following for consideration at the local EM level: “There are several types of resources that may be necessary to successfully conduct COVID Vaccination Point of Dispensing (POD). Items to consider include (but are not limited to) tents, tables, chairs, internet access, generators, fuel, electric cords, etc. If these items, or others, are needed, local health directors will need to coordinate with the local emergency manager as well as VDH / VDEM regional personnel.

Vaccination Plan Seminar – Slides
COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Executive Summary
Key Updates-Preliminary Draft VDH COVID-19 Vaccination Plan
Preliminary Draft VDH COVID-19 Vaccination Plan
COVID-19 Vaccine Redistribution Plan

VA COVID ImagePharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program

Early in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program, there may be a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination efforts may focus on those critical to the response, those providing direct care, and those at highest risk for developing severe illness from COVID-19. This includes long-term care facility (LTCF) residents (i.e., nursing home, assisted living facility, and independent living facility residents).

As part of a nationwide vaccination strategy (including Virginia), all long-term care settings have an option to enroll in the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program. Through this program, CDC has engaged retail pharmacy partners (CVS and Walgreens) to secure vaccine and provide on-site vaccination of residents, at no cost to the facility. This program provides end-to-end management of the COVID-19 vaccination process, including storage, handling, cold chain management, on-site vaccinations, and fulfillment of reporting requirements, to facilitate safe and effective vaccination of this patient population, while reducing burden on facilities and Virginia local health departments.

From October 19-November 6, 2020 LTCFs are being asked to enroll in the program or opt out and indicate an alternate plan for vaccinating residents.

  • Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities will be able to sign up via the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)
  • All other facilities including Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living Facilities and Group homes can sign up via an online sign up form.

Action is needed by all LTCF facilities between October 19 – November 6, 2020. All LTCF need to indicate whether they will participate or not in Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program. You can learn more about this program in these Program Overview Fact Sheet and FAQ documents.

LTCF can find out more information about COVID-19 activity at the Virginia Long-Term Care Task Force Website