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Hepatitis A Vaccine

The hepatitis A vaccine is safe and effective and is the best way to prevent infection and subsequent illness due to the hepatitis A virus (HAV). The vaccine is available in two single antigen formulations and in a combination hepatitis A/hepatitis B vaccine.

Among recipients of a single-antigen vaccine, 95% of adults and 97% of children and adolescents will be protected after the first dose and nearly all vaccine recipients will be protected after two doses. In adults receiving a combination hepatitis A/hepatitis B vaccine, nearly 94% will be protected after the first dose and nearly all will be protected after completing the three dose series.

Hepatitis A Prevention in Virginia

In Virginia, local health departments, in conjunction with community partners, are working to prevent hepatitis A from spreading throughout the Commonwealth. Beginning in January 2019, a statewide hepatitis A vaccination campaign will focus on increasing the number of Virginians properly immunized for hepatitis A.

The vaccination campaign will focus specifically on individuals who are members of high risk groups such as those who are/have recently been incarcerated, persons who are experiencing homelessness, injection and non-injection drug users, and men who have sex with men (MSM). Although the campaign’s focus is on those who at higher risk for hepatitis A infection, any Virginian who desires hepatitis A vaccine should receive the vaccine.

Information about Hepatitis A

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