Exposure to Disease Onset

With the varying times from exposure to disease onset, the best way to prevent getting sick is to get vaccinated.

Disease Incubation Period Contagious
Seasonal Flu 1 – 4 days 24 hours before symptom onset to 3-7 days after
Pertussis 7 – 10 days (range of 5 – 21 days) 1 -3 weeks
Chicken Pox (varicella) 10 -21 days 1 – 2 days prior to rash onset
Pneumococcal Varies, can be as short as 1-3 days Unknown, can be under 24 hours after starting effective antimicrobial treatment

Vaccination not only protects you, it protects those around you. While the Code of Virginia requires immunizations for all children enrolled in school and daycare, they are not fully protected from disease until they receive all doses in the series. Until they can get all of the required doses, immunizing people around them (caregivers, parents, and grandparents) is the best option.