January/February 2022

Flu Vaccine Still Available

Please notify Susan Kocen in the Order Center if you need vaccine.

Flu Pre-Book

Flu Pre-books for the 2022-23 Influenza season will be solicited via RedCap survey once available presentations are determined. The pre-book will begin in January 2022.

Flu Borrowing

Bidirectional borrowing does not apply to influenza vaccine. For seasonal influenza vaccine, providers may use private-stock seasonal influenza vaccine to vaccinate VFC-eligible children. Those private stock doses used on VFC-eligible children can later be replaced when VFC stock becomes available, but must be replaced during the same flu season. This one directional borrowing exception is unique to seasonal influenza vaccine.

Temperature Excursions and Stability Guidance

GSK, Sanofi Pasteur, and Pfizer have electronic, self-service tools to determine if data support the stability of vaccine at the temperature and excursion time provided by healthcare professionals. The tools provide letters containing the temperature stability information required by the order center for all temperature excursions.
Do not send the vaccine package insert (PI) as stability documentation.

Simultaneous Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines may be administered without regard to timing of other vaccines. This includes simultaneous administration of COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines on the same day, as well as coadministration within 14 days. For adolescents and adults, the deltoid muscle can be used for more than one intramuscular injection administered at different sites in the muscle.

VIS Translations

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) recently posted translations of some vaccine information statements (VIS). Translations are available in 46 languages at: https://www.immunize.org/vis/. Translations of previous VIS versions may be used until new translations become available. CDC states that the corresponding up-to-date English-language VIS must also be supplied when providing an out-of-date translation.

Gold Star Awards


Oct 22 to Dec 31 2021

Outstanding VVFC Compliance
Annandale Pediatric Assoc., Annandale
Child Adol. Hlth. Assoc. of NRV, Radford
Children & Adol. Pediatrics, Leesburg
Healthworks for Northern Va., Reston
Hispanic American Pediatric Assoc., Alexandria
Hispanic American Pediatric Assoc., Falls Church
Inova Cares, Alexandria
Inova Cares, Annandale
Kenneth J. Kim Pediatrics, Fairfax
Kinder Life Pediatrics, Centreville
Pediatric Assoc. of Charlottesville, Charlottesville
Pediatric Assoc. of PWC, Manassas
Pediatric Assoc. of Winchester, Winchester
Pediatric Center – Dr. Mark Holman, Hampton
Pediatric Healthcare, Leesburg
Pediatric Healthcare, Sterling
Tru Van Le, M.D., Falls Church
UVA Pediatrics, Harrisonburg

Adult Vaccine Update

ACIP Adult Schedule

The 2021 adult immunization schedule summarizes ACIP recommendations, including several changes from the 2020 immunization schedule on the cover page, two tables, and accompanying notes found on the CDC immunization schedule website
Adult Schedule
Refer to the February 12, 2021 MMWR for details on the updates.
February 12th MMWR
Health care providers are advised to use the tables and the notes together. All vaccines identified in Tables 1 and 2 (except zoster vaccine) also appear in the Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children and Adolescents, United States, 2021
2021 Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule
Updates have been made to harmonize the notes sections for vaccines that appear in both the adult immunization schedule and the child and adolescent immunization schedule.

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