Travel Services

Foreign Travel Services

Consultation and medical care for those traveling out of the country. These services are provided at our Clarke and Shenandoah County office locations. Services include consultation with a clinician, healthcare recommendations, preventive medication (including those preventing malaria) and immunizations. Travelers are strongly encouraged to contact the health department several months prior to their trip to assure that they receive all recommended immunizations and care before they leave the country. Travel to any country outside the United States (exception: Canada) should include a foreign travel consultation.

Each foreign country has its own specific requirements for vaccinations prior to entry. A foreign travel consultation will address your specific travel situation.

Two other sources of information relative to foreign travel may include your private physician as well as Center for Disease Control and Prevention automated traveler’s hotline which is operational 24 hours each day at 1-800-232-4636 or internet access at

Before you arrive for your appointment, please complete the LFHD Travel Services Packet.