Chesterfield Health District is Reminding Residents to Get Vaccinated as COVID-19 Delta Variant Spreads

August 5, 2021

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Chesterfield Health District is Reminding Residents to Get Vaccinated as COVID-19 Delta Variant Spreads
While optional, vaccinations and wearing a face covering could significantly curb the spread of the Delta variant 

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA — The Chesterfield Health District is reminding residents to get vaccinated and wear face coverings while in public indoor settings as COVID-19 case numbers rise as a result of the Delta variant – including in Chesterfield County.

The Chesterfield Health District is a state entity of the Virginia Department of Health and includes Chesterfield and Powhatan counties and the City of Colonial Heights.

Dr. Alexander Samuel, Chesterfield Health District director, said case numbers throughout the health district have significantly increased over the past few weeks – with the district moving from a seven-day average of 1.4 cases per 100,000 people on July 1 to 20 cases per 100,000 people on Aug. 4. The rate of increase is similar to the surge during the late autumn and early winter of 2020, Dr. Samuel said. The seven-day average per 100,000 people peaked at 84.1 cases at the height of the pandemic in mid-January of this year.

“The pace at which new cases are appearing indicate that the virus is spreading rapidly,” Dr. Samuel said. “We now meet the CDC definition of having a high transmission level.”

Many of the new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are amongst people who have not been vaccinated.

“The vast majority of cases are among unvaccinated individuals,” Dr. Samuel said. “The rise in cases also can be attributed to the relaxation of mitigation practices with the expiration of the governor’s executive orders, increased travel and the rapid emergence of the Delta variant as a predominant variant strain.”

The Delta variant is different from the original version of COVID-19 and other variants that have arisen in a few ways, Dr. Samuel said. For starters, it is much more contagious and poses more of a risk to those who have not been vaccinated. It also spreads more than twice as easily as other variants – making it the predominant variant strain in the United States.

While the Delta variant is causing some vaccine breakthrough infections, meaning people who have been fully vaccinated have become infected, Dr. Samuel said most breakthrough infections are mild and the vaccines are working as they should by preventing severe hospitalizations and deaths.

“So far, virtually all hospitalizations and deaths in this most recent wave in the Chesterfield Health District, and across the United States, continue to be among the unvaccinated,” Dr. Samuel said.

The CDC and VDH recommends people – including the fully vaccinated – wear a mask in public indoor settings. Other mitigation efforts, such as hand washing and social distancing, should be practiced to prevent the spread of the Delta variant.

However, Dr. Samuel said the best way to fend off the latest variant of COVID-19 is for residents to get vaccinated.

“Vaccination is the best way to protect you, your family and your community,” Dr. Samuel said. “Higher vaccination coverage will reduce the spread of the virus and prevent new variants from emerging.”

Visit or call 877 VAX-IN-VA (877 829-4682) to learn how to get a free COVID-19 vaccination. People also can visit Chesterfield County’s dedicated page to COVID-19 by clicking here to find the latest information about the virus and available resources to protect families and businesses.

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