Eastern Region Health Departments Announces Mobile Vaccination Clinics Locations for the Week of June 1 thru June 5

May 28, 2021

Media Contact: Larry Hill, public information officer, Eastern Region, larry.hill@vdh.virginia.gov

Eastern Region Health Departments Announces Mobile Vaccination Clinics Locations for the Week of June 1 thru June 5

(Norfolk, Va.)  — The Virginia Department of Health’s Health Districts, in coordination with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) and other supporting partners, has announced the dates and locations of its second week of mobile vaccination clinics. These will be in the Chesapeake and Portsmouth Health Districts.

These mobile clinics will offer free COVID-19 vaccines in a series of local clinics, primarily in rural and underserved areas where vaccine access can be challenging. They are designed to reach unvaccinated Virginians at times and places that are closer and more convenient.

The dates, times and locations of these mobile clinics are attached.

The vaccinations are free and easy to get.  No appointments are needed. It’s so easy to stop by one of the clinics while you are already out and about.

These vendor-operated, mobile vaccination clinics will move from place to place to support local health department efforts in the region and across the state.

These mobile clinics will offer the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, thus eliminating the need for a mobile clinic to have to return to a particular area for second-dose shots. For more information about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, please talk to your healthcare provider or visit www.vdh.virginia.gov/content/uploads/sites/191/2021/05/JJInformation.pdf.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine makes it convenient to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s safe and effective. One dose and you’re done!

To find a vaccination site near you, please visit vaccinate.virginia.gov or vaccinefinder.org. You can learn more about the vaccine, its safety and answers to frequently asked questions at VDH’s website and CDC’s website.

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Chesapeake and Portsmouth Health District Vaccination Sites

Date            Time            Location

June 1             10 a.m.-2 p.m.       Dollar Tree 3376 Military Hwy. Chesapeake

June 1             3-7 p.m.                  Cuffee Community Center 2019 Windy Rd. Chesapeake

June 2            9 a.m.-Noon           Wesley Community Service Center 1701 Elm Ave. Portsmouth

June 2            1-5 p.m.                    Cradock Recreation Center Allen Rd. Portsmouth

June 3            9 a.m.-4 p.m.          Cavalier Recreation Center 404 Viking St. Portsmouth

June 4            9 a.m.-4 p.m.          Tidewater Community College 120 Campus Dr. Portsmouth

June 5            1-4 p.m.                    Fourth Baptist Church 726 South St. Portsmouth

Note: There are plans being made for the morning of June 5 in the downtown area of Portsmouth but the details are not final at this time.