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peoplearoundearthCardiovascular Risk Reduction

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction is a community outreach program designed to educate members of the community on practical ways to identify and reduce the risk for heart disease and stroke including blood pressure management and promotion of a heart healthy lifestyle.  Contact us to schedule a program for your organization.

American Heart Association

Virginia Department of Health – Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Project

American Stroke Association

Lay Health Promoter Program

Get interested in your well being!  Become a Health Promoter by attending a fun, free, interactive workshop.  During 2-hour workshops once a week for 4 weeks, you will meet new friends and gain valuable information to assist and connect family and friends with health resources in the area.  Healthcare professionals will present topics on a wide variety of health issues.


Blood Pressure Training Classes for Healthcare Professionals

The Virginia Department of Health’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program is offering the Blood Pressure Measurement Certification Course for healthcare professionals at no charge. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, practice surveys worldwide report serious problems in the accuracy of blood pressure measurements, and poor adherence to proper technique.  Many well-meaning healthcare providers take incorrect blood pressure readings, a number used for many diagnostic and treatment decisions.  Even experienced providers often produce more accurate readings after successful completion of this course.  Your investment of 4 hours can help assure better treatment, and save lives.

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