Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP)

The OEP Program is responsible for preparing the health district to respond to any emergency that may impact public health. This is accomplished through an all-hazards approach to emergency planning. In addition to preparing the health district, the OEP Program assists and collaborates with local jurisdictions, emergency medical services, fire services, law enforcement and other local services. The OEP Program also works with Southside Community Hospital, Piedmont Geriatric Hospital, Crossroads Community Services, American Red Cross, local Departments of Social Services, and other local, regional, and state partners.

Preparedness activities include:

  • All-hazards emergency planning
  • Development of emergency response policies and procedures
  • Collaboration with other local, regional, and state emergency response partners
  • Conducting and participating in emergency response exercises
  • Conducting emergency response training with local agencies
  • Conducting emergency preparedness training activities for the public
  • Development of a cadre of volunteers to be called upon during a public health emergency

Response activities include:

  • Dispensing Site operations, including antibiotics and vaccinations
  • Surveillance and investigation of communicable diseases
  • Providing support to local jurisdictions during local emergency situations

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with the Piedmont Health District, please contact the District Emergency Planner, or visit the Virginia Medical Reserve Corps website MRC.

Volunteers could include doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, mental health professionals, funeral directors, and other allied health professionals. There are also other volunteer opportunities for those without a previous health background.

If you are interested in public health or emergency management training, or if you are interested in having a speaker for your group, please contact the District Emergency Planner.

Please visit the Virginia Department of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response website at OEP for additional information.

OEP Contacts