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Community Healthcare Coalition Greater Prince William 2024 Meetings

The 2024 schedule consists of meetings for educational opportunities, co-chair, steering committee, and four full coalition meetings.

Educational Opportunities: February 7th (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: March 6th (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: April 24th (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: May 22nd (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: June 19th (10-11am)
Co-Chair: February 12th (1-2pm)Co-Chair: March 19th (2-3pm)Co-Chair: April 16th (2-3pm)Steering Committee: May 20th (1-2pm)Co-Chair: June 17th (1-2pm)
Steering Committee: February 26th (1-2pm)Steering Committee: March 25th (1-2pm)Steering Committee: April 22nd (1-2pm)Co-Chair: May 21st (2-3pm)Steering Committee: June 24th (1-2pm)
Full Coalition Meeting: March 27th (1-2pm)
Educational Opportunities: July 24th (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: August 21st (10-11am)Educational Opportunities: September 25th (10-11am)Schedule to be determinedSchedule to be determined
Co-Chair: July 16th (2-3pm)Co-Chair: August 20th (2-3pm)Co-Chair: September 16th (1-2 pm)Final Report due to Potomac Health Foundation (PHF)
Steering Committee: July 22nd (1-2pm)Steering Committee: August 26th (1-2pm)Steering Committee: September 23rd (1-2pm)PHF funding ends for Coalition program manager position
Full Coalition Meeting: July 24th (1-2pm)Full Coalition Meeting: September 25th (1-2pm)Full Coalition Meeting December 18th (1-2pm)

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