COVID-19 Vaccination for Non-Hospital Healthcare Workers in PWC, Manassas City and Manassas Park

(Upadate: Jan. 20)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 28, 2020


PWHD COVID-19 Call Center Information Line:  (703) 872-7759                                                                                                          Call Center Hours:  9am-4:30 M-F   (Monday-Sunday)

  (De. 28, 2020)                                  

(Manassas, VA) – Prince William Health District (PWHD) has just received its first but limited shipment COVID-19 vaccine and expects to receive more vaccine in the coming weeks.  There is no exact timeline on when that will happen, or how much vaccine the health district will receive. This continues to be a fluid situation.

The PWHD is collaborating with local hospital systems.  The hospital systems will be vaccinating healthcare workers that work in the PWHD (Prince William County, Manassas City and Manassas Park), and are affiliated or work in one of these local hospital systems.

If your practice is unaffiliated with a hospital system, and is located in the PWHD, please complete the survey below. When vaccine becomes available, you will be contacted to provide specific information so that you and your employees can schedule an appointment for the vaccine.

Dr. Alison Ansher, Health Director for the Prince William Health District says with the COVID-19 vaccines in scarce supply, your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated during this Phase 1a distribution of the vaccine.

For more information about COVID-19 vaccination in Virginia, visit:

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