Virginia COVID-19 Vaccination Phases 1b and 1c

The state of Virginia now has released the next phases of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  Up until now Virginia only had the priority groups listed for Phase 1a (frontline healthcare workers and residents and staff at long-term care facilities).

But on Wednesday, Governor Ralph Northam held a press conference where he updated Virginia’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts.   He announced the priority groups that are in Phase 1b and Phase 1c.

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The governor stressed the importance and safety of taking the vaccine, stating that when it is his turn, he and his family will take the vaccine, and he encourages all Virginians to do the same.

According to Gov. Northam, “Taking the vaccine is the right thing to do to protect yourself and others. The path forward to recovery and a return to normal is the vaccine.”

 Understanding the Current State

 In Virginia, the number of COVID cases is four times higher than previous infection rates. Doctors at the University of Virginia anticipate that cases will continue to rise until Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. In addition, there is a new strain of the COVID virus. Virginia does not have any cases yet, but it is likely only a matter of time.

Therefore, everyone must remain vigilant and continue to use practices that have been in place to help fight COVID over the past 10 months—staying at home, wearing a mask, washing hands, and staying six feet apart.

 The Vaccine

Twenty-two days ago, the world received the most powerful tool in the fight against the virus—the vaccine. What lies ahead is the most extensive vaccine campaign in history.

Eight point five million people live in Virginia. Each person requires two doses of the vaccine, so the Commonwealth needs 17 million total doses.

To date, Virginia has received approximately 110,000 doses per week, which equates to roughly 14,000 doses per day. The governor’s short-term goal is to deliver 25,000 doses a day and ultimately reach 50,000 doses a day.

 The Vaccine Delivery Plan

Virginia’s vaccine delivery plan is transparent. The public will know details about the Commonwealth’s vaccine supply and dosage delivery. There is a clear prioritization for the vaccine schedule, with those most at risk receiving the vaccine first.

Virginia Vaccination Rollout Slow Start 

The governor says the slow rollout is not unique to Virginia.  He is hoping to get a large percent of the population in Virginia vaccinated.  He says that about 60-percent of people say they are willing to take the vaccine.  For more on the governor’s plan to speed up vaccination efforts click here: