Radon Training Class for Realtors

Power Point Slides for 2 hour Radon for Realtors presentation August 2019


Course Description:

This is a detailed course that teaches virtually everything a realtor needs to know about radon and how it could possibly affect a real-estate sale. The course explains what radon is, why it is a health risk, how to properly test for it and how to effectively mitigate levels that are too high. All applicable Virginia laws regarding radon are discussed. The instructor also shows the most common radon testing and mitigation equipment in use today and explains how they are supposed to work. Examples of faulty mitigation installations are also shown. After taking this course, the realty professional will have a much better understanding of radon and will be better able to minimize delays or other problems that could possibly arise due to radon related issues.

The course is now available in either 1 or 2 hour versions and both have been approved for CE credit by the Virginia Association of Realtors. The courses are taught by the Virginia Department of Health’s Radon Coordinator or other trained staff.

Either version of the course can be presented live at any location within Virginia free of charge.   To schedule a course at your facility, please contact the VDH Radon Coordinator. To better justify staff travel time and cost, please try to insure a minimum of 15 pre-registrants for the course. If practical (especially for remote locations) please consider sharing with another local realty office(s) to allow for a larger group of attendees.


Ryan Paris
Radiation Safety Specialist & Radon Coordinator
Virginia Dept. of Health – Office of Radiological Health
109 Governor Street, 7th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
W 804-864-8161
M 804-840-4389
F 804-864-8165