COVID-19 Data Surveillance

VDH routinely performs ongoing and comprehensive quality assurance of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths reported on its COVID-19 data dashboards. Negative numbers in case counts for a locality may be observed as quality assurance steps are completed. More information on these quality assurance steps is available here:

Information about reporting of COVID deaths: Beginning January 1, 2022, Virginia moved to a new reporting software called ACME (Automatic Classification of Medical Entry) which is considered the gold standard when classifying the underlying cause of death. ACME works in code, and has to sort through code to “decide” the final cause of death; so there is a delay in assigning the ACME code to a death certificate, which means there will be up to a 14 day delay in processing of COVID-19 deaths by VDH Central Office staff.
ACME Automates the underlying cause-of-death coding rules. The input to ACME is the multiple cause-of-death codes (ICD) assigned to each entity (e.g., disease condition, accident, or injury) listed on cause-of-death certifications, preserving the location and order as reported by the certifier. ACME then applies the World Health Organization (WHO) rules to the ICD codes and selects an underlying cause of death.