Reproductive Health

The Virginia Department of Health’s Reproductive Health team aims to provide resources for all Virginians.

Please see the information below about our projects and partner programs:

Adolescent Health: Our goal is to empower youth with information, resources and access to make the best decision about their health.

Family Planning: These services allow families to control spacing between births and family size. This betters the general health of babies, children, women and families.
Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Initiative: Patients whose income is 250% below the national poverty level receive an IUD and the arm implant. Uninsured or under-insured women who choose LARC have priority for these services.

LARC Stakeholder Workgroup: A group working to reduce unplanned pregnancies for women. The group aims to improve access to family planning services.

Resource Mothers: The goal of the Resource Mothers program is to lower infant mortality and low birth weight rates. Any pregnant teen can apply. First-time pregnant teens without stable family support have priority to these services.

State Funding of Certain Abortions: VDH can use state funding for patients who experienced rape or incest. Patients must have Medicaid, and must follow the reporting needs outlined by law.