Get ready for a Summer of Vax!

If you feel like you’re ready for the wildest summer of your life after a long year at home, we’re with you. Luckily for us, the COVID-19 vaccine has made it possible for fully vaccinated people to get out and live their lives in a way that just wasn’t possible in 2020. The COVID-19 vaccine protects you from infection and slows community spread, but your next couple of months also won’t sizzle as much without it. Being sick with COVID-19 is a rough way to spend a summer, and telling your vaccinated friends that you haven’t gotten jabbed yet may create tension your summer just doesn’t need.

Richmond and Henrico Health Districts have you covered if you still need to get the vaccine before things really start heating up. On June 3, we are launching Summer of Vax, a campaign to make getting the COVID vaccine as easy as ordering a beer or deciding on an ice cream flavor. Now you can experience way more freedom while also keeping grandma safe!

Here’s how you can get vaccinated over the next few months:

Our Cool Cube Crews will be bringing the vaccine to a brewery, block party, or community meeting near you.

Your friends may have gotten the vaccine at the Raceway or a pharmacy, but YOU can get it from a super fun nurse wearing a futuristic backpack cooler full of vaccine doses! Throughout the summer, RHHD will send out Cool Cube Crews to locations across Richmond and Henrico to offer the vaccine on the spot at businesses, churches, events, community meetings, etc. Our outreach team is working closely with community partners to find the best locations for our Cool Cube Crews to post up, and we’ll share the locations on our website soon. There may even be free ice cream, beer, or other summertime treats for people who get vaccinated at certain Cool Cube Crew events, so keep a lookout on our website or social media for updates!

If you are interested in having a Cool Cube Crew come to your business or hangout spot this summer, fill out a request form here. We also offer educational town halls and community canvassing to help share information about the vaccine and how to get it, so feel free to request info about those as well.

Walkup vaccination events will continue all summer!

We’ll hold popup vaccination events in neighborhoods across Richmond and Henrico, but you can count on weekly walkup events in two places:

  • George Wythe High School; 4314 Crutchfield Street, Richmond; Wednesday, 3-6 pm
  • Henrico West Clinic; 8600 Dixon Powers Drive, Richmond; Friday, 10 am-2 pm

Check out a complete list of walkup events here. 

The Raceway is just for fast cars and concerts again.

We held our last mass vaccination event at the Richmond Raceway on May 27. Moving forward, we will focus on smaller walkup and mobile events to better connect with people who still need the vaccine.

Pharmacies and clinics across our region have doses available.

The vaccine is also available at pharmacies and clinics in neighborhoods across Richmond and Henrico – you can find a location near you at


If you have questions about the vaccine or need help getting to a vaccination event, call the Richmond and Henrico COVID-19 Hotline at (804) 205-3501.