RHHD commemorates National HIV Testing Day on June 27th 

JUNE 27, 2023 — Richmond and Henrico Health Districts (RHHD) commemorate National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) on June 27th by reminding residents who think they may be affected by HIV to seek testing and to learn more about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) treatment. The NHTD theme for 2023 is “Take the Test & Take the Next Step.” The CDC advises residents that “knowing your HIV status can help you choose options to stay healthy.” For more information about National HIV Testing Day, please visit rhhd.gov/CDC-HIV-testing-day. 

“Testing regularly is not just a routine, but a vital aspect of sexual wellness,” says Richmond City Health District PrEP Coordinator, Joshua Young. “We strive to educate our patients, ensuring they grasp the significance of testing and providing them with the knowledge to effectively communicate their sexual well-being needs to both their healthcare providers and partners.”  

Residents can receive HIV testing from their physician as part of regular appointments or from local health departments, pharmacies, and community organizations. Virginia residents can search for a testing facility near them at rhhd.gov/VA-HIV-testing.

As part of its HIV and broader Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) prevention initiatives, RHHD offers clinic-based testing opportunities at its Cary St., Henrico East, and Henrico West Clinics. 

RHHD, Cary St. City Clinic 

Call (804) 482-5500 Mondays and Fridays between 8:00 AM-12:00 PM to set up an appointment.
Appointments offered Monday mornings and afternoons, Wednesday afternoons, and Friday mornings and afternoon
400 E. Cary St.
Richmond, VA 23219 





RHHD, Henrico East Clinic
Call (804)-652-3190 to schedule an appointment
Appointments offered Monday and Wednesday afternoons and all day Thursday
1400 N. Laburnum Ave.
Richmond, VA 23223  RHHD, Henrico West Clinic
Call (804) 501-4651 to schedule an appointment
Appointments offered Tuesday morning
8600 Dixon Powers Dr.
Henrico, VA 23228 



Residents can obtain condoms and be connected to HIV and STI resources at any of RHHD’s Resource Centers. HIV and STI screening and treatment as well as family planning resources are available at Mosby, Gilpin, and Southwood Resource Centers. Virginia and Maryland residents can request a test by mail through this form: rhhd.gov/HIVhometest.

RHHD operates a program to help Virginia residents have access to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a daily medication that is highly effective at helping to prevent HIV. Residents seeking PrEP can leave a voicemail with the PrEP coordinator at (804) 664-2125 or fill out the interest form at rhhd.gov/PrEP. 

For more information about HIV testing in Virginia, please visit rhhd.gov/VDH-HIV-info. 

Richmond and Henrico Health Districts (RHHD) are sister public health agencies serving our connected communities. Our mission is to protect health, champion equity, and partner to address local needs. 

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