No Norovirus November: Make food safety a tradition

With Thanksgiving and lots of other holiday events right around the corner, now is the time to cook and eat safely! RHHD Epidemiology Supervisor Louise Lockett Gordon says that our region tends to see increases in norovirus around the holidays and winter months. Upping our food preparation and storage game, and continuing to wash hands and cooking surfaces well, can decrease our chances of illness.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 15, was National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day—not the most fun holiday, but a great opportunity to trash the mayonnaise older than your toddler and the yogurt you were definitely going to eat last month to make space for Thanksgiving groceries and leftovers.
  • The FDA shares a list of food safety tips, including proper refrigeration and storage advice.
  • Just like with any illness, continuing to wash hands properly is key!

And if you’re looking for some opportunities to access holiday groceries or meals around our region, check out this great event list!