School Reopening

COVID-19: Considerations for Children & School Communities

A Summary of the Evidence and Recommendations for RPS

Recently Dr. Danny Avula, Director of Richmond and Henrico Health Districts, and Dr. Romesh Wijesooriya of the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU shared insights with the Richmond Public School Board about the risks of COVID-19 and strategies to decrease transmission and protect the health of school communities. Key points from their presentation include:

  • The infection rate for children is quite low, as is risk of serious illness when a child is infected.
  • The risk of child-to-child transmission, especially in young people 10 years and younger, appears to be quite low.
  • Similarly, the risk of child-to-adult transmission appears to be quite low.
  • Schools provide critical social engagement, meals, mental health support, and other services that address the health needs of children. Health disparities are likely to deepen among children in our communities as schools remain closed due to COVID-19.


School Reopening Report

Read the complete report: COVID-19: Considerations for Children & School Communities.

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