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All case data are laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 that we extract from our live Virginia Electronic Disease Surveillance System (VEDSS) and freeze once a day. The health department’s epidemiological team uses this data to initiate case investigations and contact tracing for our community. Although some people are tested multiple times, this data has been corrected to reflect unique cases. Individuals who test multiple times are not counted multiple times. 

We strive for transparency and accuracy in our data. As individual cases are investigated by public health, more complete information may be learned that could lead to corrections in details of cases or deaths. Some examples of corrections or updates that may lead to data changes include: 

  • Update or correction of case’s home address, resulting in a change to their location of residence to another county or state,
  • Correction to laboratory results,
  • Correction to a case’s status from confirmed to unconfirmed (for example, blood tests detecting antibodies are considered unconfirmed; only test results detecting the virus causing COVID-19 are marked as confirmed),
  • De-duplication or merging and consolidation of case records of a single individual,
  • Update of case’s demographic information from “missing or unknown” to complete information.

Cases are also reported to the central office of the Virginia Department of Health and shared on the COVID-19 Data Portal Link. The data reported at the local level is the most up-to-date, however the state level data is counting the same cases with the same methodologies, and differences in the local and state data will eventually catch up to one another. 

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Updated: 9-22-2020