Division of Administrative Services

The Division of Administrative Services supports all divisions at Three Rivers Health in the area of budgeting and other fiscal operations. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of coordination, planning and analysis to serve the public health needs of the community effectively at the best value.


Yearly the District budget is approved after Legislative Session, based upon the projected revenue, the local county commitments and the District share of the State appropriation.  The approval occurs around the end of the first quarter for the budget year. Budget information is included in the District Annual Report.


Procurement is accomplished through the eVA eProcurement Portal. Solicitations, Quick Quotes, and Awards are posted there.  Procurements under $4,999.99 are generally accomplished through credit card purchases with a micro business set aside per Executive Order #20. A goal of 42% of purchases has been established for Micro Certified Businesses.  For more information contact chris.gabany@vdh.virginia.gov.


Vendor payments are made for goods or services after a proper invoice is received.  Vendors must be established in eVA per their W-9 prior to a payment.  For more information contact contricea.henderson@vdh.virginia.gov.


Bills are created for clients for clinical services that are not reimbursed by insurance companies.

For questions or for more information contact Lois Gardner


Three Rivers Health hires positions as they become vacant through the website:


Death certificates are filed in the city or county health department where the death occurred. Our health departments keep records up to 10 years and can provide copies of certificates on file. For all other death certificates, apply to the VDH Office of Vital Records. State Department of Vital Records.

You can receive a certified copy of a death certificate if you present valid ID. Death certificates will only be given to the following:

  • Immediate family (mother/father, adult sister/brother, husband/wife, adult child)
  • Court-appointed guardian
  • Funeral Director
  • Legal representative of the deceased

All others need to prove a direct and tangible interest in order to obtain a death certificate.

Fees per Death Certificate are $12. Cash, money orders, checks and credit cards (Master Card and Visa) are accepted.


For FOIA requests, contact Krystal Reagan .