Quitline e-Referral Service

The Tobacco Control Program (TCP) is pleased to announce that the new Quit Now Virginia Web Portal for Patient e-Referrals is now live!

We are ready to assist our QUIT NOW VIRGINIA referral sites in the implementation of the web portal if needed.

The portal will allow you and your staff to send referrals directly to the Quitline through a secure website to Optum, our quitline provider. You will receive an Outcome report indicating:

  • Participant Date of Birth
  • Contact Date (if reached)
  • Planned Quit Date (if accepted services)

It is our goal to provide the technical assistance needed to include referral services into your practice. The TUCP regional coordinators are available with support and technical assistance for your implementation of the referral services in three easy steps: ASK, ADVISE & REFER.

You may access the web portal at


  1. Locate your site by: name, fax number, phone number or Browse All
    • Click NEXT
  2. If HIPAA compliant, please certify
    • Click NEXT
  3. Complete in entirety the Patient/Client Information form
  • Click SUBMIT

Three Clicks and Done!

For more information abut Three Clicks and Done! contact Rita.Miller@vdh.virginia.gov