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Community Health Improvement Process

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HENRY County

Community Health Improvement Process

  • Community Health Needs Assessment Completed
  • Includes City of Martinsville


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  • Go Healthy West Piedmont is a Centers for Disease Control-funded project led by the WPHD. The district-wide initiative is helping adults at risk for diabetes and other chronic diseases make lifestyle changes for long-term good health and educating the community about better food choices via vending machine, restaurant and cafeteria inventories.
  • Community Giving Gardens provide thousands of pounds of fresh produce to the region’s food banks and soup kitchens effectively improving the quality of food that is available to the poor. Educational outreach ensures that people receiving the produce are able to prepare it in an economical and healthy manner. Carilion Clinic is a funding partner. The project is a component of Healthy Franklin County. More than 20,000 pounds of fresh produce was delivered to food banks and soup kitchens in 2016. Gardens are expanding to additional neighborhoods in 2017, and a Community Giving Garden Summit, recently held in Martinsville, attracted participants from around the region. Guest speaker: Sarah Reinhardt, Union of Concerned Scientists.
  • Community Health Assessments & Health Improvement Plans are underway in most of the WPHD service area. The district’s Population Health Manager is working with others to improve the process, involve more stakeholders and create meaningful Community Health Improvement Plans with timelines, benchmarks and strategic outcomes.
  • Mosquito Control. In a unique partnership, WPHD staff is working with the Martinsville Police Department to saturate neighborhoods with information about the Zika virus. Zika, a mosquito-borne illness, can cause serious illness in people of all ages and deformities of newborns. The Medical Reserve Corps is assisting with these efforts.
  • Opioid Crisis. As 2017 begins, the City of Martinsville ranks 1st in the Commonwealth of Virginia for instances of opioid drug overdose and death. A task force recently was formed to educate the public about this alarming trend and to reduce availability of opioids in this severely economically distressed city and its surrounding counties. Leadership of the WPHD joined the City of Martinsville Police Chief and Executive Director of Piedmont Community Services in launching the Task Force.


Up-to-date, relevant data are essential for many reasons — acquisition of grant and other funds, service offerings and crisis response — to name a few. WPHD relies upon many sources of data and is proactive is sharing and interpreting data with others who can use data for the greater good. This includes the media, municipalities and citizen groups. General data sets are available here. WPHD is working with partners on development of a Data Portal that will provide more precise and timely data.


The WPHD works with a variety of partners to improve the health, wellness and safety of people in the district.


  • Grace Network is a network of churches, pastors and ministry leaders that have pooled their resources to equip, assist and strengthen one another and provide opportunities for fellowship and accountability, while still recognizing the autonomy of each local church.
  • Million Hearts has been implemented in a number of churches in the District. A church-based program, the programs aims to save 5,000 lives in 5 years by providing parishioners with tools to lower blood pressures.


Municipal partners provide funding for the District for services that would otherwise be more costly. Septic permits, restaurant inspections and environmental health are of few of the services offered by the health department.

Franklin County

Henry County


Patrick County


  • Carilion Clinic. Carilion and the District partner to promote health through events and marketing. Additionally, Carilion funds community gardening and other health initiatives in the District. District personnel participate in Carilion’s Community Health Assessment and the resulting Community Health Improvement Plan. WPHD currently is working with Carilion on a comprehensive data project, details of which will be announced later in the year.
  • Partnering with the Franklin County Family YMCA, the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is being offered. Also a lifestyle change program, weekly sessions continue for 16 weeks. Evidence shows that participants experience success in reversing prediabetes as they lose weight and engage in 150 minutes of exercise per week.
  • Go Healthy West Piedmont is a CDC-funded initiative aimed at helping adults make lifestyle changes for long-term health and chronic disease avoidance. WPHD is the recipient of the grant but works with multiple partners.
  • Healthy Community MHC. The Coalition is committed to providing medical and primary health services at Bassett Family Practice– a Federally Qualified Health Center and to promoting health, reducing health risk factors and increasing access to medical services, primarily for the uninsured and underserved in the Martinsville Henry County area. Medication assistance, chronic disease self-management, fitness classes and care coordination services also are offered.
  • Healthy Franklin County is an initiative of the United Way of Franklin County. Originally funded by a grant from the Carilion Foundation, Healthy Franklin County focuses on obesity prevention for people of all ages.
  • The Martinsville Police Department has teamed up with WPHD staff to saturate neighborhoods with Zika prevention information by walking door-to-door with information.
  • The Rocky Mount Lifestyle Health Center, offers a plant-based lifestyle program and natural foods grocery store.