New! 2024 WIC Food List Application

WIC Food List Application Excel Worksheet 

The Virginia WIC Program is accepting applications for the 2024 WIC Food List from April 3, 2023, to May 31, 2023.  An online WIC food application worksheet (Excel file) can be found HERE.

During the open food submission period, NEW food items that are not yet approved in the current approved product list (APL) will be accepted for consideration. WIC food items that have been approved and added in the APL are NOT required to resubmit in the 2024 food list application.

All items to be submitted must include product labels in a PDF or JPEG format clearly showing product brand, nutrition panel, ingredient list, manufacturer name, package size and a full 12-digit UPC.

In addition to product labels, new food items submitted for the following food categories must also include “camera ready” front panel images in PDF or JPEG format for food list graphics.

  • Cold and hot breakfast cereals
  • Whole grains (whole wheat breads, whole wheat pastas, and whole wheat tortillas)

An Excel version of Approved Product List (APL) is available to verify the current WIC items and their corresponding UPCs.

There are no changes to the current food categories, nutritional requirements and package sizes in the 2024 WIC food list. All brands including national brands are accepted during the open food submission period. Specific WIC eligibility and nutritional requirements for each food category are listed on the WIC food application worksheet.

Complete the following information for each item to be submitted under each food category tab on the food application worksheet:

  • UPC (12-digit including first and last check digit and no space)
  • Brand Name
  • Product Description
  • Package Size
  • Retail Price, if available
  • Package Type

It is recommended that you read the instructions on the food application worksheet thoroughly.

In addition, per Virginia WIC policy, each food item must:

  1. 1Meet WIC Program Food Selection Criteria and Standards in accordance with FDS 01.1;
  2. Be available and stocked by food suppliers or distributors in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Verification of product availability may be required before final product approval is granted.

How to Submit the WIC Food Application:

Completed applications with product labels (PDF or JPEG format) and “camera ready” front panel images, if applicable, shall be sent to:

Application Deadline:

Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

If you prefer to submit product labels with a thumb drive (no CD), you can send it to the address below:

Brian Tun, UPC Coordinator
Division of Community Nutrition
Virginia Department of Health
109 Governor Street, 8th floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219


  1. Deborah Walton, WIC Nutrition Liaison, at Walton@vdh.virginia.govfor questions on specific nutritional requirements.
  2. Brian Tun, UPC Coordinator at for questions on the WIC food application worksheet.