Algal Bloom Surveillance Map

The map is updated regularly during the months of May – October.  Please click on map points for the most recent sample results. You may expand the map to make it larger.

How do I report an Algal Bloom or Fish Kill?

If you are concerned that you have been exposed to a harmful algal bloom, please see your doctor or call your local health department. Telling your doctor about contact with water may help him/her treat the illness properly.

Click Here to Report a HAB Online  

Questions about health effects and algal blooms, call: The Virginia Department of Health                                      HAB Hotline: (888) 238-6154
To report discolored water (red, brown, or green) with an odd odor, or dead fish in the water, call: The Department of Environmental Quality:                  (757) 518-2000
To report fish with lesions, call: The Virginia Institute of Marine Science:                         (804) 684-7000

For information on federal policy and guidance, including advisory thresholds for algal toxins in drinking water, please visit the EPA CyanoHAB website and the CDC HAB-Associated Illness website.