• Know How to Avoid Heat-Related Illness when the Temperature Spikes This Summer

    You’re at the beach on a 92-degree day with a friend when, suddenly, she seems confused. She says her head hurts, she feels dizzy and starts to vomit. Then she faints.   Would you know what to do?   Your friend is likely suffering heat exhaustion. If her symptoms don’t improve after moving her to a cool place, loosening her…Read more

  • Office of Vital Records Staff Knit and Crochet Cuddlies for Preemies

    The crafters in the Office of Vital Records (OVR) have been busy! They have made:  28 hand-knitted and hand-crocheted baby blankets,  34 darling crocheted octopuses that are more than just plush toys, and,  15 hand-made incubator covers.   These items are for families of babies in neonatal intensive care units. OVR's Field Services Team members always cross paths…Read more

  • May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month: Don’t Let the Tick Get You Sick

    It could start with a headache, fever, joint or muscle pain or fatigue.   And then there’s the bull’s-eye rash, the tell-tale sign that a tick bite could have infected you with Lyme disease.   Lyme Disease is a very serious disease in Virginia. It spreads to humans through a bite by the blacklegged tick, which is found in suburban…Read more

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