• EMS Week

    EMS Week in Virginia, May 21-27, honors EMS responders’ commitment to providing lifesaving services. EMS for Children Day, May 24, focuses on raising awareness of specialized care for pediatric patients. Last year, EMS providers responded to nearly 1.5 million calls for help in Virginia, approximately 4,063 incidents per day.   Many EMS agencies across the state will host community activities, including first aid classes, health and safety fairs, open houses, fundraising dinners and more.  These family-friendly events welcome everyone to come out and get to know the first responders in their neighborhoods.   To learn more about the Virginia Department…Read more

  • Healthy and Safe Swimming Week

    This time of year marks the unofficial start of summer with the opening of pools and water parks. As water temperatures rise, so do visits to Virginia’s beaches, lakes and rivers. Healthy and Safe Swimming Week focuses on the steps everyone can take to have a healthy and safe swimming experience. In the pool: Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea. Practice proper personal hygiene. Don’t swallow the water. Every hour take kids on bathroom breaks. Change diapers in the restroom, not poolside, to keep germs away from the pool. Read and follow directions on pool chemical product…Read more

  • Start a Food Safe Summer This Memorial Day

    Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, which means that many Virginians will be taking out their grills and spending more time outdoors. Follow these tips for your Memorial Day cookout for safe and enjoyable outdoor cooking all summer long! Bringing perishable or raw foods to a picnic or cookout? Bacteria grows faster in warm temperatures. Be sure that these foods don’t spend more than: one hour sitting out when the temperature is above 90˚F or two hours when temperatures are below 90˚F. Use an insulated cooler to help keep foods colds. Foods that need to be kept cold…Read more

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  • National Infant Immunization Week

    First word and steps are some of the many childhood milestones. Parents and caregivers do a lot to keep their babies safe and healthy. Vaccination is one of the best ways parents can protect infants from diseases. National Infant Immunization Week celebrates the role vaccinations play in protecting our children, communities and public health. Immunizations are…Read more

  • State Health Commissioner Comments on Opioid Addiction Declaration

    These remarks were delivered on November 21, 2016 at 10am Good morning.  This is Dr. Marissa Levine, Virginia State Health Commissioner here with key state agency colleagues for an important announcement about the opioid addiction crisis in Virginia.  Thank you for joining us this morning. We are here today in the shadow of the Surgeon General’s…Read more

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