• World Sickle Cell Day Shines a Light on the Disease and the Need for a Cure

    The Virginia Department of Health is joining organizations around the globe in bringing more awareness to sickle cell disease (SCD). Sickle cell disease is an inherited lifelong condition that primarily affects people of African descent. SCD gets its name from sickle-shaped red blood cells. Unlike normal blood cells that are shaped like round discs, sickle cells are stiff…Read more

  • VDH Reminds Men to Take Charge of Their Health

    June is National Men’s Health Month. The Virginia Department of Health encourages men to take action when it comes to their health. It’s a step that can have widespread benefits -- since men’s health can impact everyone. Some of the actions that men should consider include. Eating healthy - Eat more fruits and vegetables and eat food with…Read more

  • 50th Anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act

    More often than not, when we go to grab a glass of ice-cold water, we are not always considering the source and safety of the water; we just know that it’s about to quench our thirst. Fortunately for us, the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was established to protect the quality of drinking water in the U.S. and…Read more

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