Virginia Arthritis and Falls Prevention Coalition

In 2018, The Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services received funding from the Aministration for Community Living to establish a statewide coalition on fall prevention.  Shortly thereafter, in 2019, the Virginia Department of Health established an arthritis coalition as a strategy to make progress on initiatives outlined in a grant from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, “State Public Health Approaches to Addressing Arthritis.”

It became apparent that combining the two coalitions would be beneficial as many of the same individuals or groups belonged to both coalitions, there were cutting strategies and activities, and many of the messages target the same consumer age groups and providers. In response the two standing coalitions were combined into the Virginia Arthritis and Falls Prevention Coalition (VAFPC) effective July 1, 2020.

The VAFPC will work to:

  • Develop and engage in activities to accomplish outcomes included in a Virginia Arthritis Five Year Plan developed by the Coalition,
  • Expand activities including Arthritis-Appropriate Evidence-Based Interventions (AAEBIs) and Falls Prevention activities,
  • Raise awareness and assist in development and/or distribution of a variety of communication and education materials about arthritis and falls prevention,
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration, and
  • Provide information on arthritis and falls prevention activities through an annual meeting.

VAFPC Vision

All Virginians will have access to arthritis and falls prevention interventions and resources to help them live independently and safely.

VAFPC Mission

To foster collaboration between health care providers and community-based organizations to increase awareness of and promote access to evidence-based interventions that empower individuals to engage in activities that increase mobility to reduce the pain of arthritis and the incidence of falls.


Chair: TBA
Vice Chair: TBA
Secretary: Karen Day

If you are interested in becoming a member of VAFPC, please click "Join the Coaliton" for an application. If you are already a member, click "Coaliton Members" for access to meeting minutes and other Coalition materials.