Use of Unregulated Supplements Can Cause Harm

In August 2019, the Blue Ridge Poison Control Center received a call regarding a patient who experienced hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) after using the supplement pill “V8”, which had been purchased at a gas station.  Over the next month, 12 additional cases were reported from hospitals.  An investigation by the Central Virginia Health District and the University of Virginia discovered that the supplement, which had been sold at several gas stations and convenience stores, contained a medicine used to treat diabetes.  VDH worked to remove the V8 pills from stores where they were known to be sold, to prevent future exposures.

One risk of using unregulated supplements is that they may include unlabeled ingredients, which can be harmful. If you suspect that you are experiencing health effects due to poisoning, or have questions regarding this incident, call 1-800-222-1222.