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The current influenza VIS, dated 8/7/15, is still valid for the 2018-19 influenza season. It will remain valid through upcoming flu seasons unless there are significant changes to CDC’s recommendations, in which case subscribers will be notified of any change.

Flu Borrowing

For seasonal influenza vaccine, providers may use private-stock seasonal influenza vaccine to vaccinate VFC-eligible children if VFC seasonal influenza stock is not yet available. Those private stock doses used on VFC-eligible children can later be replaced when VFC stock becomes available. This one directional borrowing exception is unique to seasonal influenza vaccine.

Flu Vaccine is Available

The first shipments of flu vaccine have arrived at the CDC depots. Please notify Susan Kocen if you are ready to begin administering flu vaccine.

FluLaval and Fluarix Vaccine

The dose for FluLaval and Fluarix for this flu season is (0.5-mL) for all children in the indicated age range of 6 months and older.

Vaccine Storage Unit Assessment

Because vaccine borrowing occurs, a private dose of vaccine is occasionally administered to a VFC-eligible patient. A private storage unit may be used to store VFC vaccine when a storage unit fails. Because these types of events occur, storage units that contain only private stock must be reviewed during compliance visits. Private storage units that don’t meet CDC storage and handling requirements will require follow up.

Vaccine Supply

Hep B - To ensure equitable access to hepatitis B vaccines, CDC is placing Recombivax HB and Engerix B under allocation. The recommendations for hepatitis B vaccination of infants have NOT changed. To expedite order approval, please indicate if you have no preference for Hep B on the order form until supply improves. If you indicate “no preference” we will substitute brands only if necessary. Orders may be reduced, but providers can re-order as necessary. Sample schedules are posted on the CDC Current Vaccine Shortages and Delays web page located here:

New Vaccine NDCs

HPV – A new NDC for Gardasil syringes will be available soon and will be added to the vaccine order form. Tdap – A new latex free NDC for Adacel will be available soon and will been added to the vaccine order form.


Adult Vaccine Update

Shingrix Supply - Due to high levels of demand for Shingrix vaccine, GSK has implemented order limits and providers have experienced shipping delays. It is anticipated these order limits and shipping delays will continue throughout 2018. In response, GSK has increased the US supply available for 2018 and plans to release doses to all customer types on a consistent and predictable schedule for the rest of 2018.Ask the Experts Q&A

Q: I want to begin providing vaccines for my adult patients but reimbursement for these vaccines is confusing. Can you provide guidance?

A: In 2017, the Immunization Action Coalition revised its comprehensive 142-page guide titled Vaccinating Adults: A Step-by-Step Guide. The guide was written to assist medical practices to improve their adult vaccination services. Two of the chapters (7A and 7B) address financial considerations and provide guidance on how to obtain reimbursement for adult vaccines. The guide is available free of charge on the IAC website at In addition, the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit has created a web section on this topic at

Gold Star Awards (June/July)

Outstanding VVFC Compliance
Bon Secours Hanover Pediatrics, Mechanicsville
Bon Secours Pediatrics, Mechanicsville
Centerville Family Practice, Manakin Sabot
Century Pediatrics, Fredericksburg
Century Pediatrics, Garrisonville
Century Pediatrics, Woodbridge
Children’s Health, Fredericksburg
Family Care Pediatrics, Galax
Infant, Child, & Adolescent Clinic, Alexandria
MWMG Family & Internal Med., Bowling Green
Practice of Carolyn Boone, Richmond
Valley Health-Page Memorial Hosp., Luray
Woodbridge Pediatrics, Woodbridge

Process Improvement
The Practice of Carlos Cruz in Alexandria uses a pharmaceutical grade refrigerator and has a back-up data logger. Their EMR interface exchanges data with the immunization registry and includes patient eligibility.

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