Mount Rogers Health District Celebrates Progress in 2023 Annual Report

February 12, 2023
Media Contact: Meagan Helmick, PhD, MPH, CHES®
Health Director 

Mount Rogers Health District Celebrates Progress in 2023 Annual Report

(MARION, Va.) The Mount Rogers Health District is thrilled to release its 2023 Annual Report, highlighting significant achievements in public health, with a particular emphasis on addressing substance use disorder, community outreach events, and positive outcomes in BabyCare, Family Planning, and WIC programs.

Throughout the year, the Mount Rogers Health District has worked diligently to address public health challenges, demonstrating resilience in the face of unprecedented events. The 2023 Annual Report reflects the district’s dedication to enhancing the overall well-being of residents and fostering a culture of health and wellness.

Key highlights of the 2023 Annual Report include:

  • Proactive Approach to Address Substance Use Disorder with REVIVE Training
    Through comprehensive REVIVE training programs, community members gained essential knowledge and skills to respond effectively to opioid overdoses. This initiative reflects our commitment to saving lives and fostering a community equipped to address this critical public health issue. The district provided training to over 800 individuals and dispensed more than 2,000 doses of Narcan to our community members.
  • Community Health Worker Outreach Events
    These events ranged from educational workshops to wellness fairs, creating opportunities for direct interaction with the community and facilitating meaningful conversations about health and well-being. The community health workers hosted 68 events and attended an additional 126 events.
  • Positive Outcomes in Child and Maternal Health
    The BabyCare and Family Planning programs have yielded positive outcomes, contributing to healthier pregnancies and improved family planning choices for women in the community. More than 2,000 women received family planning services at one of the eight health departments in the district.

Furthermore, more than 1,400 home visits were performed by the district’s public health nurses and more than 300 mothers and/or babies were enrolled in our BabyCare program. Mount Rogers Health District accounted for 21% of all BabyCare visits performed in Virginia. Through personalized care and education, these programs have empowered individuals and families to make informed decisions, leading to improved maternal and child health outcomes.

  • WIC Program Success
    The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program continued to play a crucial role in promoting nutrition and healthy development. By providing essential support to pregnant women, new mothers, and young children, WIC has positively impacted the nutritional well-being of our community, ensuring a strong start for the next generation. More than 4,100 participants received WIC services from the health district in 2023. Additionally, $18,000 worth of Farmers Market coupons were redeemed last year.

Dr. Meagan Helmick, Director of the Mount Rogers Health District, stated, “Our 2023 Annual Report reflects the dedication of our team and the resilience of our community. By addressing substance use disorder, engaging in impactful outreach, and achieving positive child and maternal health outcomes, we are building a foundation for a healthier community.”

The 2023 Annual Report, inclusive of detailed information on these achievements, is available for review on the Mount Rogers Health District website