Raccoon Tests Positive for the Rabies Virus

September 15, 2022
Media Contact: Caitlin Hodge, Public Information Officer: 804-365-4316

Raccoon Tests Positive for the Rabies Virus

ASHLAND, Va. – The Chickahominy Health District would like to notify the residents in the areas located near Honey Meadows and Deer Run Subdivisions between Tazwell Green Drive and Deer Stream Drive, off Atlee Station Road, that a raccoon has tested positive for the rabies virus. The raccoon is deceased.

Potential exposures to a rabid animal include bites, scratches, or contact with saliva by open wound or eyes, nose, and/or mouth. Anyone having information regarding any exposure to this animal in the days leading up to September 10, 2022 should contact the Hanover Health Department at (804) 365-4313. Exposures also include direct contact between your pet and the rabid animal. After hours, please contact the Hanover County Animal Control at (804) 365-6140.

Rabies is a fatal, but preventable, disease carried by mammals that is endemic to the area.

The District would like to remind all citizens follow these three important rabies prevention guidelines:

  1. Vaccinate your pets.
  2. Report all exposures to animals (usually bites and scratches) to your doctor and the local health department.
  3. Enjoy wildlife from a distance – do not feed or encourage wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, or foxes to visit your premises.

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