Pittsylvania-Danville and Southside Health Districts Hold All Staff Meeting to Discuss COVID-19 Response

April 15, 2022
Media Contact: Brookie Crawford, brookie.crawford@vdh.virginia.gov or Linda Scarborough, linda.scarborough@vdh.virginia.gov

Pittsylvania-Danville and Southside Health Districts Hold All Staff Meeting to Discuss COVID-19 Response

CHATHAM, Va. – Today staff from the Pittsylvania-Danville (PDHD) and Southside (SSHD) health districts met in Chatham to discuss the districts’ COVID-19 response and the districts’ goals moving beyond COVID.

Teamwork was an ongoing theme throughout the meeting as each division reported out. Every division had a story of how others in the two health districts pitched in during the last two years to ensure that all the needs were met – everything from filling in at vaccination clinics and testing events to assisting with paperwork to distributing COVID-19 information and social distancing signage.

“During the last two years our team of a few has done so much for so many with so little,” said Pittsylvania-Danville and Southside Health Districts Director Scott Spillmann, MD, MPH. Dr. Spillmann kicked off the meeting by talking about how the team has transformed and grown as a result of its response to COVID-19.

The guest speaker for the meeting was newly appointed State Health Commissioner Colin M. Greene, MD, MPH. Dr. Greene spoke with staff and answered questions.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about what lays ahead for the health districts.

“For a while now we have been concentrating on treating people,” Dr. Spillmann said. “Now it’s time for us to return to focusing on caring for their health.”

During the pandemic, the health districts have had to concentrate on treating and preventing COVID-19, but now Dr. Spillmann hopes that the health districts can move beyond that to caring for the whole health of the community.

Both PDHD and SSHD offer more a variety of community health services to prevent disease, promote healthy lifestyles and protect our community from environmental and other hazards. You can learn more about these services on PDHD or SSHD websites.

And for those still needing a free COVID-19 vaccine, please visit or call 1-877-VAX-IN-VA (877-829-4682, TTY users call 7-1-1). English- and Spanish-speaking operators are available. Translation services also are available in more than 100 languages.

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