Severe Weather Awareness Week 

March and April are traditionally the most active months for tornadoes in Virginia, and the National Weather Service is encouraging everyone to make some basic preparations ahead of the season. Their Severe Weather Awareness Week runs from March 4–8 and mixes a little education with some recommendations. We’ll be sharing updates from their content throughout the week (follow us on Instagram @richmondcity_hd). In the meantime, a couple tips to get you planning while the skies are still clear:

  • Locate safe shelters in the places you spend the most time. You’re looking for a small room or hallway with no windows, in a basement or first floor. Once you’ve identified your shelter, make sure you communicate that plan with family members or co-workers so everyone knows where to go when a tornado warning sounds.

  • Choose your reliable news source and stay up-to-date on the weather.

  • Consider participating in Virginia’s statewide tornado drill on March 7 at 9:45 a.m. More details are available at the National Weather Service website.

  • Register for an in-person or online SKYWARN class to learn how to spot and report dangerous storm systems.

Some early preparation will help you feel ready when bad weather heads our way!