Epidemiology Bulletin

The Virginia Epidemiology Bulletin (VEB) was a publication of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) designed to keep healthcare professionals in Virginia up-to-date on preventive medicine/public health issues. The VEB was produced monthly (with some occasional gaps due to resource limitations) from 1980-2007.*

This webpage provides a link to the VEB archive, enabling access to every VEB printed from 1980-2007 for historical purposes. In addition, a complete alphabetical index to topics covered in the VEB has been developed – topics in the index may also be searched using the web-browser search function (CTRL+F).

Archive (1980-2007)

Index (Alphabetical by Topic)

*The last issue of the VEB was September, 2007 (Issue 9). In response to the 2007 state budgetary shortfall, state agencies were asked to look for opportunities for cost savings. One option was to suspend printing and mailing of the VEB. VDH leadership made the difficult decision to go with this option, along with others. After consulting with other states and researching the technical issues, a regular monthly e-mail version of the VEB was not considered practical nor an efficient use of state resources. Timely information of value to Virginia citizens, including healthcare professionals, will continue to be distributed through other means, such as the VDH website and periodic notices to organized professional groups. The Health Alert Network (HAN) will continue to be used to alert practitioners of critical information in emergencies (using e-mail and facsimile transmissions).