epidemiology {ep´ï-de´me-ol´o-je} 1. the study of the relationships of the various factors determining the frequency and distribution of diseases in human communities. 2. the field of medicine concerned with the determination of the specific causes of localized outbreaks of infection, such as hepatitis, of toxic disorders, such as lead poisoning, or any other disease of recognized etiology. -- Dorland’s Medical Dictionary

Clinical Epidemiology: Healthcare-associated Infections, Antimicrobial Resistance, Tuberculosis, Newcomer Health...

Disease Prevention: HIV/AIDS Programs, STDs, Viral Hepatitis...

Immunization: Vaccines for Children, School Requirements, Vaccine Safety, Influenza, Travel...

Informatics and Information Services: Meaningful Use, electronic reporting...

Surveillance & Investigation: Influenza Surveillance, Disease Surveillance Data, Zoonotic Disease...

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Reporting Form (Epi-1, Revised 2011) or Reporting Form Portal (Epi-1)

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