Disease Prevention – HIV & STDs

The Division of Disease Prevention (DDP) is a division of the Office of Epidemiology.

The mission of the DDP is to maximize public health and safety through the elimination, prevention, and control of disease, disability, and death caused by HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, other sexually transmitted infections .


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National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NGMHAAD) is September 27.  It was first in 2008 by the National Association of People with AIDS.  On this day, we focus on the impact of HIV and AIDS on gay and bisexual men.  We also focus on ongoing efforts to reduce HIV and AIDS in this community.

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Renewing Your Medicaid Health Coverage

Virginia Medicaid has returned to its regular renewal activities.  The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) has started reviewing members' eligibility to make sure they still qualify for health coverage.

Two months before your renewal is due, you will receive a letter if action is required.  These letters contain important information on actions you may need to take to keep your health coverage. 

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Information for people living with HIV in Virginia.

Learn about the most recent methods for preventing HIV.  These include correct condom usage, PrEP, TasP, and more

Find a location near you to get tested for HIV, viral hepatitis, or STDs.  Learn about testing options, cost, and reasons to test.

Find information about the different types of STDs

Learn more about PrEP and nPEP and how they can prevent HIV

Learn more about the Virginia Comprehensive Harm Reduction program

Learn more about viral hepatitis, how to prevent it, and what treatments are available

Access data and reports from the Division of Disease Prevention

Find health care provider resources for HIV, STD, and viral hepatitis

Important resources for DDP partner agencies

Content notice: The DDP  website contains HIV/STD prevention messages that may be considered explicit by some visitors.

Last updated: September 26, 2023