Virginia Integrated HIV Services Plan

Virginia Integrated HIV Services Plan 2022-2026

Cover of the Virginia Integrated HIV Plan, 2022-2026
Virginia Integrated HIV Plan, 2022-2026

VDH completed the development of the Virginia Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan for 2022-2026, The Integrated Plan serves the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Norfolk, Transitional Grant Area. The District of Columbia Ryan White Part A Eligible Metropolitan Area’s Integrated Plan covers overlapping service areas of the Commonwealth, including 17 cities and counties in Northern and Northwestern Virginia.

Virginia’s plan is a roadmap for integrated HIV services over the next five years.  It identifies specific goals, objectives, and activities to reduce HIV transmission in Virginia.  It will improve health outcomes of all Virginians with HIV, and ultimately help end Virginia’s HIV epidemic.

Many thanks to all the people with and affected by HIV, public health officials, researchers, staff, and volunteers of many organizations that participated in the development of this plan.  The plan lays foundation for reaching the goals of the National HIV Strategy and ending the HIV epidemic in Virginia.

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Integrated Plan by Section

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Integrated Plan Info Sheets

VDH has simple info overview sheets of the Integrated Plan.  There is one in English and one in Spanish.

Feel free to view or download the sheets below.

Previous Plan

The previous plan, the Virginia Integrated HIV Services Plan, 2017-2021, can still be found online:

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