Pharmacy Testing

Free HIV and hepatitis C testing at select Virginia pharmacies

Pharmacy Testing Program

The VDH Pharmacy Testing Program is live once again. Thank you for your patience while we re-established these important services.  This program is a partnership between:

Testing services are now available at select pharmacies throughout Virginia.  This includes rapid HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) testing.

Testing results are available in around 20 minutes.


Each pharmacy that offers testing has different hours.  Please note these hours before visiting.  You may walk into any participating location to receive a test during the hours listed.  However, walk-ins may experience a wait time if pharmacists are busy.  To avoid wait times, you may call the pharmacy and schedule an appointment to be tested.  Some pharmacies may have an online appointment page.

Other Information

No ID or insurance is required.  Testing is free at all pharmacy locations listed.  Adults and minors 13 years of age and older may consent to HIV and HCV testing in Virginia.

Location Map

Find a pharmacy location near you on the state map below. When you click on the pin on the map, all details of the location will show up.  Location details include those from Google, as well as program information such as testing hours.  If the location has an online appointment page that is also included.

Please note: if you are a Virginia state employee viewing this page you may have issues viewing the site map if you have your agency profile logged into the browser.  Open this page in a new browser or log your profile out for the map to load accurately.  State employees needing additional help accessing the site map, please email Chris Barnett at


Pharmacists will provide referrals to other services. Referrals could be for PrEP for HIV, or other HIV and viral hepatitis prevention needs.

If you test positive, you will need to have your results confirmed. Confirmatory testing will determine current infection or infection status.  Pharmacists will help link you to an agency of your choice to confirm these results.

Referrals for medical care and support services will also be offered.

Contact Us

For questions or more information on pharmacy testing in Virginia, please contact Susan Carr, Special Projects Coordinator, at

Last Updated: July 19, 2023