Community Partners

This page houses resources and information specific to Division of Disease Prevention (DDP) partner agencies and community partners.  This could include a funded sub-recipient/contractor, or an organization that has an agreement with VDH DDP.  If you are looking for a resource that is not available on this page or you believe the resource is outdated, please contact your contract administrator or specific contact at DDP.

Resources on this page are organized by content type.  There is also a page that has communications resources (such as publications and reports) and resources specific to healthcare professionals.  You can find these pages via our main navigation.

Condom Distribution Program

DDP organizes and distributes free condoms through a free program.  This program is aimed at reducing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Virginia through free and accessible condom access.  There are currently over 100 condom distribution partners that participate in the program that receive condoms from VDH.  Both local health districts and community partners are eligible to receive free condoms as part of this program.  Organizations that participate in the program may order up to 100,000 condoms a year.  Agencies with multiple locations/sites may be approved to order more.  Smaller quantities of specialty condoms such as insertive, non-latex, and Trojan condoms are also available.

If your organization is interested in becoming a distribution site through the VDH Condom Distribution Program, please contact Beth Marschak at or (804) 864-8008.  If you are already a participating agency and need to order more condoms, please contact Beth to ensure you have the most up-to-date order form.

Training and Technical Assistance

Virginia HIV/AIDS Resource and Consultation Center (VHARCC) works with health care providers, community-based AIDS service organizations, government agencies, professional associations, and academic and community health care centers to offer multidisciplinary education programs and consultations on HIV/AIDS-related issues.

The DDP offers a range of services and workshops to enhance community-based organization infrastructure and delivery of evidence-based HIV prevention interventions.  Training topics may include high impact interventions, public health strategies, grant writing, fiscal management, transgender health, or faith-based initiatives.

For a full list of high impact interventions and public health strategies, see

Community-based organizations funded by VDH to provide HIV prevention interventions may also access capacity building and technical assistance from a national network of providers through CDC’s Capacity Building Assistance Program (CBA). To request CBA, contact your VDH contract monitor.

The following links will help navigate subrecipients to specific HIV Care Services pages:

CDC Materials Review Panel

Any subrecipients (contract agencies) using pass through funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), must submit their materials to the CDC Materials Review Panel (MRP). This includes: written materials, audio visual materials, and pictorials, including social marketing and advertising materials, educational materials, social media communications and other electronic communications, such as internet/webpages. This is to ensure the content is consistent with the provisions of Section 2500 (bd) of the Public Health Service Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 300ee(b-d).  Visit the CDC website for additional information on the MRP guidance.

For questions on the materials review panel you may contact the MRP Chair, or your assigned contract monitor. Instructions on how to submit materials and the contact information for the MRP Chair are included in form (located under General Partner Agency Resources dropdown on this page).

Resource Connections

The Division of Disease Prevention maintains an online web-based, searchable directory for community resources.  The directory allows users to search for services and provides information about eligibility requirements, intake procedures, and documentation and/or fees associated with each service location.

VDH Resource Connections can be accessed at

Feedback and questions on the directory, as well as corrections or omissions, should be submitted to Sarah Lannon at  Community organizations that are already included in the directory can create an account on the site and submit corrections through the site.

REDCap System

Certain DDP subrecipients are required to enter their data into the REDCap system per their contract.

For resources such as access forms, instructions, recorded webinars, and more, please visit the DDP RedCap System page.

On this page you can also request to have data and reports pulled from the REDCap system.

Last Updated: March 17, 2021.