HIV Care Services

Last Updated: December 20, 2021.
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The Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Division of Disease Prevention has administered Ryan White Part B funding for HIV care services to persons living with HIV/AIDS in Virginia since 1991.  A major part of Part B funding is the Virginia Medication Assistance Program (VA MAP) that provides medications for low-income, uninsured individuals with HIV/AIDS.  The remaining funds provide HIV care services, targeted to deliver medical care and support services to eligible individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  Ryan White funding is the payer of last resort.

Use the navigation at the top of the page to access other HIV Care Services pages or the VA MAP web page for Medicaid and ACA Open Enrollment Updates.  

Emergency Preparedness/COVID-19 Information

The Virginia Ryan White HIV/AIDS Part B (RWHAP B) program asks all of its partners and consumers to be prepared ahead of any emergency situation that may impact and affect the Commonwealth.  To assure adequate medication supplies, we ask all providers and consumers to assess medication refill needs before the emergency situation is affecting Virginia.  If consumers access medications at local health departments, mail order, or retail pharmacies, encourage and help them have peace of mind and get refills now.  People Living with HIV (PLWH) may be displaced within Virginia if a region is impacted (such as the eastern and central regions), as well as from out-of-state if they evacuate to Virginia. To help everyone be prepared, VDH has created new tabs on the Ryan White program sites for “Emergency Preparedness/COVID-19”.  You will find information, policies, procedures, and forms to help PLWH who need emergency services during this event.  If you need to provide emergency services during or after the emergency situation, the information you need is in a convenient location on this page and the VA MAP (formerly ADAP) web page.  VDH encourages you to always stay safe and please reach out to the RWHAP B team if you have any questions or need additional information.

Medicaid Update from Department of Medical Assistance Services

Medicaid members and individuals applying for health coverage have a new and easy way to send documents and verify information needed to process applications or respond to other requests. Visit the CoverVA or Cubre Virginia websites to learn more about how to use the new email address, You can scan and upload, attach electronic copies, or take a picture of your information and send it using this convenient option. If additional information is needed, you will receive another letter by mail explaining next steps.

Please note that this email address is available only for sending information to Virginia Medicaid. Do not send questions to this address; you will not receive a response. If you have questions, please call the Cover Virginia call center at 1-855-242-8282.

This new email address was created to help individuals apply for Medicaid during the COVID-19 health emergency, but DMAS will continue to maintain it as a convenient service to our members and applicants.

Learn more by visiting any of these pages on the CoverVA website:

Resources for Virginia Ryan White Service Providers