Data to Care Initiative

What is Data to Care?

  •  A joint initiative with HIV Surveillance, Prevention, Care Services and STD Prevention and Surveillance
  • Goals
    • To improve health outcomes for persons living with HIV by helping clients to:
      • Be in care (engaged)
      • Stay in continuous HIV care (retention)
      • Have a viral load less than 200 copies/mL (viral suppression)
      • Prevent new HIV infection
  • Data to Care has expanded statewide to over 40 local health departments, medical sites, and community-based organizations

How Does Data to Care Work?

  • Virginia HIV surveillance data is used to create out-of-care lists
  • Out-of-care lists are distributed
  • Agencies follow up with out-of-care clients to find out if clients are truly out-of-care
  • Agencies enter results into REDCap
  • The results are entered back into the HIV surveillance system to update the data

 The Data to Care Process


To be on an Out-of-Care list, clients must be:

  • HIV-positive and reported to Virginia’s HIV Surveillance data system
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Living with a last known address in Virginia
  • Meet the out-of-care definition

 Current Out-of-Care Definition

  • Clients who have not had a care marker within one year or more from the date the out-of-care list was created, but had a care marker in the preceding calendar year

Overall Results

  • As of August 2018, results for 602 Data to Care clients have been submitted
  • Thirty-five percent of these were found to be “In Care”
  • Of the 8% of clients found “Not in Care”, 68% reengaged into HIV care through Data to Care efforts

Data reported to the Virginia Department of Health as of September 2018

 What are the Results Being Used For?                  

  • To identify out-of-care clients who need to be linked or reengaged back into HIV care
  • Identify data reporting issues
  • To update Virginia’s HIV Surveillance data
  • Help improve future out-of-care lists


Additional Information:

For any additional information or if your agency is interested in participating in Data to Care, please Contact Us.



Last updated: October 20, 2022